The Greifswald Mire Centre consolidates and strengthens already established Greifswald-based institutions in a new centre of excellence. This peatland science-policy interface performs interdisciplinary research, provides policy makers and society with substantiated knowledge and advice, and imparts theoretical and practical knowledge.


The main topics for the period 2015-2023 are:

  • Climate protection: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands and ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Biodiversity: Conservation and restoration of peatlands worldwide
  • Sustainable use: Paludiculture and innovative financing such as carbon credits

You'll find more detailed information in our Strategy 2015-23.

»We have to rethink our views on peatlands: On the one hand, we have to preserve all wetlands that are still in their natural state. On the other hand, we have to rewet drained peatlands and establish alternative land use practices to secure the diverse functions of wetlands for humankind and nature.«

Michael Succow, Emeritus Professor University of Greifswald, Founder of the Michael Succow Foundation, Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award and the Grosser Binding-Preis