Sustainable use

In order to create incentives for climate-smart land use alternatives in peatlands – i.e. for the large-scale implementation of paludiculture – the Greifswald Mire Centre addresses political and societal barriers and works to develop financing mechanisms and recommendations for improvement. We put great value on regional solutions and on pilot projects, like for example Moorfutures as the world`s first voluntary carbon credits from peatland rewetting, and the first fen-biomass heating plant near Greifswald

Core areas of our work include:

  • (Further) development of innovative standards and methodologies (e.g. MoorFutures), and transfer to other regions
  • Capacity building, courses, training
  • Consultancy for climate peatland projects
  • Advice on paludiculture for policy, administration and practice
  • Further conceptual development and upscaling of paludiculture in Germany and worldwide
  • Scientific and popular publications about paludiculture
  • Research on the economics of paludiculture and on associated ecosystem services
  • Support regional networks of 'peatland advisors' 


“… a pioneering form of agriculture called ›paludiculture‹ that allows farmers to cultivate rather than degrade peatlands in ways that maintain their enormous carbon stocks while producing crops for sustainable biofuels.”

Achim Steiner, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director, Nairobi, Kenia