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Peatlands in EU Biodiv Strategy

GMC position paper gives recommendations

28/04/2021 Healthy peatlands can contribute as nature-based solutions to the achievement of the European Green Deal and to the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030. Hence, they need to be sufficiently protected and restored. How to do this is described in the GMC’s position paper Protecting and Restoring Peatlands – Targets and Recommendations for Peatlands in the EU Biodiversity Strategy. It lists the co-benefits of restoration, a qualitative as well as a quantative approach and principles to be included in the legislative proposal.
As claimed by the European Commission the biodiversity strategy will put Europe on the path to ecological recovery by 2030. The strategy, which is not a legislative proposal, has been adopted already by the European Council and still needs to be endorsed by the European Parliament. Votes are foreseen for May and June 2021.

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