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In search of Nile Basin peat

Attracting attention in search of peat in the Nile basin

Mission to Nile Basin wetlands completed

09/11/2019 As part of the project „Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Ecosystem Services of Wetlands of Transboundary Relevance in the Nile Basin“ jointly implemented by GMC with Wetlands International and Nile Basin Initiative, an assessment of CO2 emissions avoidance potential of the Nile Basin wetlands is being prepared. A field trip to Ghana (in particular to Keta Lagoon wetlands) and Kenya took plave in late October/early November. The search for peatlands was based at peatland (probability) maps of GMC’s Global Peatland Database. At the end of rainy season, several shallow and partly also deeper (2 m and more) peatlands could be mapped.


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